3 Tips to Shine in Virtual Meetings

Katelyn Harris Lange
3 min readApr 15, 2020

Keep your communication crisp and your message on point using these three tips.

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Mic on? Video on? Presentable from the waist up?

You’re good to go.

Although this week my boss asked us all to stand up and stretch during a two-hour client meeting, so maybe wear pants just in case.

Visually presenting yourself is the first step and crisping up your verbal communication is second.

No matter the medium, communication is the ever-elusive skill and business function that people and organizations are always trying to improve.

It’s easy to fall into a monologue when addressing a group in person and it’s even harder to read the room over Zoom.

Don’t get lost in the informality of video, every video call is an opportunity to either add value to the conversation or detract it.

Keep your communication crisp and your message on point using these three tips.


When a colleague drones on during an in-person meeting, people pretend to be engaged while their minds start to wander.

Video meetings offer attendees an easy escape from the colleague who talks too long before making their point — if they ever make it. It takes less than a second to click to a new tab, tune out the monologue, and start multi-tasking.

Don’t make people choose between staying engaged in a meeting and moving on to other things. Unless you’re delivering a presentation, keep your comments short, 2 minutes max.


Speak with purpose and intention. Meetings mean limited time and attention, so be precise with word choice. Keep sentences short by eliminating useless filler words and sentences.

Remove words that don’t add value: just, like, really, kinda feel like, and I mean.

Don’t lead with a question to introduce your question.

Change “can I ask a question?” to “Question.” before leading into your actual question.



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