Talent Sourcing: What’s Happening & What’s on the Horizon

Katelyn Harris Lange
5 min readOct 24, 2022

Top Takeaways from SourceCon 2022

Photo by Brett Wharton on Unsplash

I’ve never been to Comic-Con, but now I can proudly say that I participated in my first SourceCon. And Batman Recruiter, was in attendance.

In a nutshell, SourceCon is a community of talent acquisition professionals (e.g., sourcers, recruiters, leaders) who share content and convene annually. Founded in 2007, the group offers a wealth of knowledge around topics like sourcing strategy, advanced Boolean search, DEIB, workflow automation, and candidate engagement.

Last week, we gathered virtually and in-person at the Seattle Art Museum. Here are my bolded highlights from our collective X-ray search into the past, present, and future state of talent sourcing.

There’s a website for everything.

From sleuthing candidate contact info to pinpointing competitors—my personal SourceCon notes captured 30 different websites, chrome extensions, and other digital tools to gather talent intelligence.

I captured 30 references, but I’d wager there were over 100 mentioned across speakers. It’s great to know which sites will make our jobs easier, but there’s a limit to the amount of tools a sourcer can fit into a workflow without making it clunky.

The most useful tool that I picked up and already inserted in my workflow was Magical, a free tool for easy text expansion.

Using Magical to customize & insert a message template in LinkedIn

Impact on the future state of sourcing? Companies that streamline multiple tools (e.g., sourcing, talent insights, contact info and messaging) into one platform will continue to grow market share.

Automate to elevate.

There are myriad places to embed automation in the sourcer workflow. For maximum benefit, this requires configuring multiple tools and systems. Junius Currier, Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Manager at Chenega, gave a great walkthrough of how he utilizes automation to increase efficiency.

Start by documenting your workflow—from crafting nurture campaigns to introducing an…



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